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Conveniently Located at:
1810 First Oaks Street
Suite 140
Richmond, Texas 77406
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About Jo's Quilting Studio!

At Jo's Quilting Studio, we are passionate about turning fabric into beautiful works of art that tell stories, evoke emotions, and bring comfort. Our studio is a haven for quilters, crafters, and fabric enthusiasts alike, where creativity knows no bounds and imagination is set free with every stitch.

Founded by Joanne (Jo) Gemmill, a dedicated quilter and artist with over two decades of experience, our studio is a labor of love that celebrates the timeless art of quilting. With a keen eye for color, texture, and design, Joanne has curated a vibrant space where novices and experts alike can explore their quilting journey.

Join us at Jo's Quilting Studio and immerse yourself in a world of color, texture, and artistic expression. Whether you're seeking to learn, create, or simply find solace in the joy of quilting, our studio is your creative sanctuary. Experience the artistry of quilting like never before – come stitch your dreams with us!

Happy Quilting, The Jo's Quilting Studio Team

Our Store Hours

Monday - Thursday: 10am - 4pm
Friday: 10am - 2pm

Contact Info
  • Jo's Quilting Studio
  • (281) 232-6565
  • 1810 First Oaks Street Suite 140
    Richmond, TX 77406
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